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Study Georgian
The Georgian-Swedish Institute is starting courses in Georgian for Georgians living abroad. Georgia has seen extensive migration to countries all over the world as a consecuence of events during the last two decades. One of the goals of Georgian-Swedish Institute is to help  second generation Georgian abroad to maintain their mother tongue. We have chosen a form of education that reaches Georgians all over the world: online distance education.
   Dear compatriots! We will do our best in helping to defend and maintain our language, our common heritage.
   In the beginning we will have a limited intake of course participants, but at a later stage it is our intention to accept most people who apply.
Interested? Please, write to us!

1. Name
2. Age
3. In which country do you live?
4. Education
5. Which is your main language of interaction?
6. Prior knowledge of Georgian:
a. No knowledge (I do not know how to read and write in Georgian)
b. Elementary (I know how to read and write in Georgian)
c. I can speak Georgian (fluently or with the help of a dictionary)
d. I can't speak Georgian
7. Do you speak Georgian in the family?
8. Which language or languages do you usually speak at home?
9. Please, indicate your email and cell phone number (including country code)